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Terms and conditions, web10 / Talk Active Aps CVR. 30 59 45 09

These terms and conditions apply to all transactions between the customer and web10 (Talk Active Aps)

When the customer places an order at web10, a binding contract is formed between the customer and web10. The customer gives web10 permission to immediately start executing the order.

Use of disk space and system resources
The allocated disk space is intended for web pages, e-mail and databases. web10 does not allow using disk space for storing large files for download, streaming media or storage of data that are not used in connection with web pages, e-mail or databases. web10 offers unlimited bandwidth, as long as the content matches the criteria mentioned above, and as long as the traffic doesn't affect the servers or network to an unreasonable degree. The customer is not allowed to use the disk space for illegal or offensive material, including pirated software, music, text, images, etc. as well as content that is pornographic, racist, or discriminatory. If this should happen, the account will be locked, and the customer will be invoiced for the amount of traffic used to transmit the content. Additionally, the offence will be reported to relevant authorities. Use of scripts/programs are allowed as long as the usage doesn't jeopardise the server performance or system resources, and provided that the scripts/programs aren't used to gain access to files or information that belongs to other users. The customer should show consideration for the fact that the system resources are shared between all customers. web10 is not responsible for errors when using third party programs from easy-install-toolbox.

The customer is personally responsible for maintaining backups of his/her data. web10 can not be held responsible for losses or damages arising from web10's products or services unless they result from gross negligence on web10's part. If web10 is unable to provide the promised products or services due to conditions that are outside our control, web10 will not be liable to pay compensation.

Subscription period, renewal and cancellation
The subscription will be automatically renewed unless web10 or the customer cancels it within the agreed-upon time. The customer can cancel the subscription with one month's notice, effective from the end of the current subscription period. The cancellation must be in writing. web10 can cancel a subscription with one month's notice. If web10 cancels a subscription before the end of a subscription period, an amount equal to the subscription price of the remaining time will be repaid to the customer. web10 can cancel a subscription, effective immediately, if the user terms and conditions have been violated. In that case, no money will be repaid. As domain registration and web hosting are services that are specially adapted to the customer, there is no 'cooling-off' period, unless web10 has received a request for annulment at the latest 14 days after ordering and before web10 has begun setting up the domain or web hosting account.

Billing etc.
All invoices must be paid within 8 days. If we have not received payment within that period, a reminder is sent. For each reminder, a fee of 6 (7,50) is added to the amount due, and if web10 does not receive payment after 2 reminders, we'll contact a debt collection agency. Any costs incurred in dealing with the matter will be paid by the customer. Web hosting accounts are usually set up within one workday, while domains normally aren't registered until payment or proof of payment has reached web10.

In connection with a sale or other transfer of all or parts of web10's activities, web10 has the right to transfer the customers subscription, as well as web10s rights and obligations according to Terms & Conditions to a third party, without the customer's consent.

Changes in the subscription
web10 can make changes in the services included in the subscription without further notice as long as that is considered necessary due to data security, legislation or similar factors.

By ordering a hosting account at, you confirm that you've read and understood the above terms and conditions.